Mailing Lists

We provide mailing lists for different audiences (cpachecker-announce, cpachecker-users, cpachecker-commits, cpachecker-devel). For installation questions, bug reports, and suggestions, please send email to (please subscribe).

The CPAchecker Project uses the following mailing lists:
  Announcements about the CPAchecker project.
  Read-only, anyone can join, low traffic volume.!forum/cpachecker-announce
  User discussion, questions, solutions to common problems, and bug reports.
  Members can post, anyone can join.!forum/cpachecker-users
  Archive of commit messages from the CPAchecker repository.
  Read-only, by invitation only, high volume.!forum/cpachecker-commits
  Internal developer discussion about the design and implementation of CPAchecker.
  Only for active developers (>0 cpm), members can post, by invitation only.!forum/cpachecker-devel


Contact to Maintainers

Dirk Beyer and Philipp Wendler (all developers)